How Rejection Redirected Me Towards God’s Plan

These rejections left me feeling really disappointed and upset. I had always been so sure about myself, and was confident that as long as I knew what I wanted to do, I could do it. But being rejected countless times made me doubt myself and my capabilities. I questioned everything I did and became insecure about my future.

When Your Love Languages Don’t Match

What was wrong with me? Am I that selfish? Am I that unappreciative? How could I know that my husband works so hard to selflessly serve me, but then ask him to love me in a different way? Am I not satisfied with all of his efforts?

When Covid-19 Disrupted My Travel Plans

My husband and I were in the midst of travelling South America for a year when our trip was rudely terminated by the coronavirus. In late 2019, we had both quit our jobs and took off on a one-way ticket to Santiago. We were barely two months into our trip and were having a ball of a time when the pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt.

ODB: A Friend in Failure

On November 27, 1939, three treasure hunters accompanied by film crews dug through the asphalt outside of the Hollywood Bowl amphitheater in Southern California. They were looking for the Cahuenga Pass treasure, consisting of gold, diamonds, and pearls rumored to have been buried there seventy-five years earlier.They never found it. After twenty-four days of digging, they struck a boulder and stop



100 Humans: 5 Ways to Handle Criticism and Praise

What works better, criticism or praise? A recent Netflix series “100 Humans” put this to test in one of its episodes where 16 randomly selected participants were asked to learn a new skill—the lost art of plate spinning—in two hours, and then judged on their performance by their coach, Fantastic Patrick.


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