A woman is busy scrolling the social media, while a man is busy for his works and KPI

Looking For True Success?

Title: Looking For True Success? 
Artwork by: YMI x @ganggukgangguk
Description: The world tells us being successful is about earning lots of money, pursuing your “dream job”, and being genetically blessed to be the next top model. Yet, when we look at our lives, our realities seem worlds apart from the ideals that are being sold to us.

But what if success wasn’t determined by our circumstances, but who our hope lies in? What if instead of looking around us, we start to lift our eyes up to the God who assures us of our worth and identity, whilst leading us into a purposeful life aligned with His heart for us?

Maybe that’ll change the way we look at success.  


A woman is busy scrolling the social media, while a man is busy for his works and KPI

The man is looking at an advertisement how to grow the followers and the woman is unhappy with her post's like

The woman is looking at the expensive dress and compare her body image with the model

The man is working overtime while his friend texted him to go for an expensive restaurant this weekend

The woman and the man is leaving the boutique and workplace sadly

both the woman and the man are exhausted and sitting on the bench in a park

The woman and man are looking up to the sky

There is one dove sending an envelope with a love shaped sticker to them

The letter is opened and with God's message

Both man and woman are looking hopefully and hugging the letter.


Artist Feature

Andy Kurniawan

Andy Kurniawan aka ganggukgangguk is an illustrator who captures moments that emanate positivity. Illustration for him is a simple way of communication, and his work is influenced by scenes from daily life.


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