A girl is acting to help her friend taking photo

Beware of These Friendship “Spoilers”

Title: Beware of These Friendship “Spoilers”
Artwork by: YMI X @clara_draws18
Description: Friendships are a wonderful gift from God–which is why it can be painful when they’re sullied by these friendship “spoilers”.

Like all relationships, good and godly friendships take work. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep choosing what is loving towards our friends, especially when the unloving thing is what feels effortless to do. But truly good friendships are worth investing in, and can help sharpen us, build us up, and expose the areas of our lives where we need God to work in and through.

This International Friendship Day, let’s take some time to thank God for the friends in our lives and pray for them. And let’s ask God to help us treasure and nurture these friendships–and keep these friendship “spoilers” at bay.


A girl is acting to help her friend taking photo

A girl is jealous about her friend getting famous

Two friends on a car

A guy is teasing his friend's basketball skill

A guy is not happy with his friend who can't fetch him

Two friends are gossiping

A guy keep boasting and his friends feel bored.

A seaside image with text

A wefie of a group of friends


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