Illustration of chinese new year yu sheng dish

A Roar-some Mix of Chinese New Year Blessings

Title: A Roar-some Mix of Chinese New Year Blessings
Artwork by: YMI X @ohmilknhoney
Description: “Lo hei” (Prosperity Toss) is a festive and sometimes messy tradition in some parts of Asia, that’s done at reunion dinners during the Lunar New Year. It involves a group of people standing over a raw fish salad dish, with their chopsticks at the ready, as they roar out good wishes for the year, while tossing and combining the ingredients of what’s called the “yu sheng” dish. The ingredients in the “yu sheng” each represent a saying or a blessing. 

We’ve selected the commonly used ingredients to prepare our very own roar-some “lo hei”, to toss with you—mixed with promises you can trust and carry into the new year! 🐯

Grab your chopsticks and get ready to toss together!


Illustration of yu sheng

Illustration of raw fish

Illustration of pomelo

Illustration of pepper and five-spice powder

Illustration of oil

Illustration of white radish

Illustration of green radish

Illustration of carrot

Illustration of peanuts and sesame seeds

Illustration of golden crackers

Illustration of plum sauce

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