Image of a cat mourning and a dog comforting

Mourn With Those Who Mourn

Title: Mourn With Those Who Mourn
Artwork by: YMI X giselle
Description: As much as we try to be there for our loved ones, sometimes the worst still happens—the one we love has taken their own life. What now for those of us  left behind? 

We may think, “What do I even say? What can I do?” In such a time of deep sorrow, how can we love those who have been bereaved the way they need to be loved?

Don’t let your fear or discomfort hold you back from giving what you’ve got. Apart from sending thoughts and prayers, find ways to be present and journey with them through this season of grief.

This sharing has included the input of one who has been bereaved by suicide. That said, it can only attempt to describe what some of us have gone or are going through. Nevertheless, we pray that it will offer some level of support and help if you’re currently in a similar position.


Image of a sad cat and a dog

Image of a cat who passed away

Image of a cat and dog under an umbrella

Image of speech bubbles

Image of a dog giving a cat fish

Image of a table top with a vase , calendar and photo frame of a cat

Image of a photo album with memories

Image of a cat and dog walking

Image of a cat and dog hugging and walking


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How to Journey with Those Grieving the Suicide of a Loved One

Three years ago, my brother committed suicide. Facing that was a real struggle.

I believe the grief ministry is an underrated one. Most of us are uncomfortable with loss and mourning, even as we’re called to mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15). People who are grieving also face a lot of questions and doubts, and the church plays an important role in helping people keep their faith.



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