5 Realities Of What It Means To Be Christ-like

Title: 5 Realities Of What It Means To Be Christ-like
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YMI X @amy_domingo
Description: As Christians, we all aspire to be just like Christ. But what does it actually mean? And how will we know that we’re living like Christ?

Here are 5 realities we’re bound to face as followers of Christ—and 5 ways we can pray for God to use these opportunities to mould us into His likeness.


A girl reading the bible with text above her saying 5 realities of what it means to be Christ-like


Jesus in the center with people at the back of him jeering He was well known but wasn't always well-liked


Jesus with Jerusalem scene in the background He came from heaven's throne, yet He didn't have a place to call home on earth


Jesus with flowers and vines He is the source of all things beautiful, yet He was not good-looking


Jesus praying in the garden with crown He is the king of all kings, but emptied Himself and became a servant


3 crosses at calvary He is all-powerful, but He chose not to exert His power when He hung on the cross


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