Step Outside Your Box

Title: Step Outside Your Box
Materials: Illustration
Artwork by: Lara Sim
Description: Are you boxed up in a situation that you can’t seem to get out of? Sometimes, taking the first step out of our comfort zone to tackle issues can be a difficult choice to make. But when we call out to God in the midst of all our troubles, He reveals to us the freedom we can receive by trusting. Will you obey Him to take that first step?


Are you trapped in perfectionism?

Many of us are trapped in the habit of comparing ourselves to others. If she’s not prettier than me, she has a more exciting job as compared to me or has more friends than I do. Instead of trying to be the perfect person, focus your eyes on the Perfect God that we have. He wants to free us from being stuck in the middle of all of these doubts and negativity we surround ourselves with.


Are you trapped in fear?

Is fear a monster in your life, waiting to pounce and eat you whole? Are you unable to be vulnerable before others for fear of being judged? Do you find yourself always needing the approval of man? The easiest thing to do in such situations is to hide ourselves in the box. However, after hiding for too long, we can become trapped. He calls us into His loving arms—a safe place where there’s no need to hide before Him.


Are you trapped in anxiety and worry?

Are you worried about your future? Will I be able to find a good job? Will I be married one day? These thoughts can consume us from time to time, leaving us in despair or panic. However, when we allow these anxieties and worries to grip us, it prevents us from being able to move forward in life. Although we may still be afraid, we can trust in the One who is in full control of every situation.


Are you trapped in materialism?

Do you find great satisfaction when you shop for material things? Do you find it hard to be generous in giving to others? Even after buying all that you want, you know deep inside you that these will never satisfy. Take heart, you are not alone in such troubles. Perhaps it’s time to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) and know for yourself the true satisfaction we can have in Christ alone.


Are you trapped in work pressures?

Another meeting? More deadlines? Got to get this done by today? Does this sound like you? Oftentimes, we are trapped under the overwhelming amount of work and are unable to escape. Some of us respond by being more driven by the fact that we are recognised for our ability to achieve the daily requirements, while the rest of us succumb to the stress of work. Either way, we fail to recognise that God calls us to rely on His strength daily and our calling to be a living testimony at work and beyond.

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  1. Mariah Mills
    Mariah Mills says:

    This is awesome! I can take to all of these on some way or another. Thanks for the encouragement on each situation. I love the graphics as well! Great visuals to each one! Keep it up!

  2. Sam Mwaura
    Sam Mwaura says:

    Getting trapped is not like the movie parent trap where kids lock up the parents inside the closet till they manage to get themselves sorted Nuh !!!!

    It’s not even like the movie mouse trap where this mouse had taken over the house and I can’t remember the rest of the story huuuum

    When we get trapped it’s because we have allowed ourselves to get enticed by our own lust …

    Like the movie entrapment no one gets into any situation without their own concent …..

    This chick wanted to trap a high flying thief but then the story book becomes complicated and she ends up breaking into the same bank the thief she was after had targeted mann

    But there is a loophole ….

    Christ came to free us from the trap ….

    He disarmed death hell and the grave ..

    He made a public spectacle of the enemy ..

    It Is Finished ….

    Amen Reverend

  3. Dhanraj James
    Dhanraj James says:

    Very useful suggestions with meaningful illustrations for life’s experience, thanks.Dhanraj James, Mysore, India.


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