Small Actions. Big Changes.

Title: Small Actions. Big Changes.
Materials: Graphic Design
Description: Don’t we all love setting New Year resolutions? But while they’re fun to make, the tough part is maintaining them.

This year, how about committing to small actions that can ultimately bring about big changes? There’s certainly value in going back to the basics.

We decided to help you out by sharing five simple steps to take towards a more fruitful and meaningful life this year!  

Note: These are not prescriptive.

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How often do we say “thank you”? And why not? It makes us more appreciative and shows our love for others too. In fact, we’d realize more and more how much we can be thankful for. The best part is, it teaches us contentment.


1 and 2

Why do we do what we do? How often do we take a step back to ask ourselves what drives us? Whether we’re working or having fun, we can do everything for Jesus. It’s completely worth it. How about commit 1 Corinthians 10:31 to memory this year?



Sometimes, all it takes is a small gesture to make another person’s day. A couple of dollars can go a long way. With a cup of coffee (or tea), let’s put a smile on the faces of those around us. Love is a very practical emotion – let’s put it to work!




Sometimes, sharing the gospel can seem like a daunting task and we end up getting awkward and not knowing where and how to start. But what if we simply share about how God has worked in our lives? Let’s seize opportunities, and share the joy we have received. It can make a world of difference.




Isn’t it great how we can talk to God, anytime and anywhere? And isn’t it comforting that we can fully depend on Him for everything? Let’s be completely raw and honest before Him. He loves hearing just about everything we do, every day, everywhere, and in every season.

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