Healing Through Brutality

Title: Healing Through Brutality
Materials: Mixed media installation
Description: It was while I was working on this piece that I realized why I indulged in horror and gore films as a child – because there was a lot of hate and unforgiveness in me which I was unaware of. In retrospect, I recognize this interest to be a form of escapism from the anger and hate I harboured, and as a visible cry out for healing and redemption.

The red threads which represents guts, growing into flowers, is an expression of finding healing and meaning through brokenness and allowing beauty to be revealed through this process. Embroidery as a medium emphasizes this outgrowth to be a form of meditation and act of mending.

This piece reminds me that God can redeem anything, from the bitterness in my heart by the most violent and unjust death of all, Jesus’ crucifixion, and make it into something beautiful.




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