Title: #ColourToInspire
Materials: Marker pen, paper
Description: Last 2015 marked the beginning of a new trend – adult coloring books. Many have found it an effective way of destressing. A few friends encouraged me to come up with illustrations that others could fill in. Originally, I was not open to the idea, because I find coloring somewhat purposeless. After all, they end up stored somewhere and forgotten, if not thrown away.

But because of its popularity, I decided to give it a go. Instead of just making another regular stress-relieving coloring book, I decided to design a sheets that can be used as a tool to inspire and encourage others, hence the name “Color To Inspire”. Each #ColorToInspire sheet is designed with a hand-doodled artwork and a hand-lettered inspirational words for you to color. Below are four FREE downloadable coloring sheets for you to print, color, and share!





Get your FREE printables! Download now!#colourtoinspire-free-printables

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