Malaysia: Being part of a community to make a difference

“I connect with God in my own way.”
“I’m too busy with work and life.”
“I don’t think church is relevant anymore.”
“Church is old school and I just don’t fit in!”

It is true that God is accessible anytime, anywhere. Sometimes church practices can be old school and irrelevant. Juggling work and life can also get in the way. More often than not, we do feel like that odd ball in church who just doesn’t fit in.

Somehow, the church today doesn’t seem relevant to young adult Christians. We don’t feel the need to go to church because it doesn’t seem to be fulfilling our needs. We find other ways to fuel our passion in making a difference and to help us find the meaning in life. Sometimes we find that place outside of the Christian community.

I used to wrestle with God about the role the church plays, its relevance and why worshipping Him can’t be more convenient and fitting for me. I was then made to realize that being at church allows me to bless and serve God’s people and through that, grow in my relationship with Him. I realized that we may not always find like-minded people who do all the right things, especially at church but growing with God also means struggling and growing together with one another.

Malaysia is going through a season of change and many of us in this generation yearn to be the change for our nation and want to make a difference. But not many of us Christians would acknowledge the need to get down on our knees to pray for our nation as a church. We’re too busy with our own lives. We want to be used by God in mighty ways but only in ways that are convenient for us.

I pray for a deep realization among young adult Christians of the importance of being part of a church community to serve, be held accountable and grow together no matter how uncomfortable and inconvenient our circumstances may be. May we come together in prayer with the power of God, because it is then where God will move mountains and bring change for our country.



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