ODB: He Will Reply

January 2, 2016

READ: Psalm 91 

He will call on me, and I will answer him.

Psalm 91:15

I was elated when I came upon the Twitter page of my favorite Korean movie star, so I decided to drop her a note. I crafted the best message I could and waited for a reply. I knew it was unlikely I would receive a response. A celebrity like her would receive an enormous amount of fan mail every day. Still, I hoped she would reply. But I was disappointed.

Thankfully, we know God responds to us. He is the “Most High,” the “Almighty” (Ps. 91:1). His position is exalted and His power is limitless, yet He is accessible to us. God invites: “Call upon Me, and I will answer” (v. 15 nkjv).

An ancient legend tells of a monarch who hired weavers to make tapestries and garments for him. The king gave the silk and the patterns to the weavers with the strict instructions to seek his aid immediately if they had any difficulties. One young weaver was happy and successful while the others were always experiencing trouble. When the boy was asked why he was so successful, he said, “Didn’t you notice how often I called for the king?” They replied, “Yes, but he’s very busy, and we thought you were wrong in disturbing him so frequently.” The boy answered, “I just took him at his word, and he was always happy to help me!”

Our God is like that king—only so much greater. He is loving and kind enough to care about our smallest concern and faintest whisper.

— Poh Fang Chia

Lord, it’s amazing to me that You—the God who created the universe—care about me and want me to come to You in prayer. Thank You for loving me so much.

We always have God’s attention.

Source: Our Daily Bread