ODJ: what we most need

September 27, 2015 

READ: Exodus 20:1-21 

Then God gave the people all these instructions (v.1).

Recently a highly respected journalist from the Middle East reflected on the many complicating issues and unjust events that have led to distrust among political factions in the region. The difficulty that truly captivated me was how aggressive and vicious violence will escalate whenever issues become obviously religious. “We can deal with cultural and even ethnic divides, but whenever God comes into the picture, there’s no way to control the conflict,” the journalist stated. As a result, leaders exert much energy attempting to keep references to God out of political disputes.

It’s tragic how we humans attempt to use God, the only One who can truly heal human strife, in ways that deny His restorative power. In the Middle East, just as in every corner of our world, what we most need is God.

When the Israelites were escaping Egypt and roaming the wilderness in search of home, there were certain things they desperately needed—food, shelter and protection. They also needed wisdom, direction and hope. More than anything else, however, they needed God to speak to them. This is why, at the outset of their journey, God brought Israel to the base of Mt. Sinai so the people could sit and listen while He thundered the truths that would serve to guide them (Exodus 20:1).

—Winn Collier

365-day-plan: Matthew 27:57-66

Skim Revelation 3:1-22. How does each of the letters to the churches conclude? 
What do many people believe they need the most? How do your thoughts and actions reflect the reality that