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“YMI is answering the questions of real life for the now generation and the next generation. Check out the app for fantastic content and devotionals for creative inspiration!”

Josiah Kennealy
Josiah Kennealy
Young Adult Pastor and Author

"The app allows me to scroll seamlessly from one article to the next. I logged on to the app for the first time and ended up spending half an hour exploring the different themes, and also appreciate it being a nice, handy place to go to for my devotionals."

Michele Ong
Michele Ong
Web Content Editor
What’s it For?

A space for conversations and questions
that matter to you.


At some point we all ask these questions:
Why am I here? Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why do I feel this way? Why am I alive? Fortunately you don’t have to find the answers alone.


Dive into a curated collection of experiences from contributors around the globe. Their writings and artwork explore different topics, issues, and stories. New content is published weekly for you to dig into and draw you closer to God.


Pen your thoughts and share with the community. Watch out for new themes that are meant to guide the conversation.
Use your artistic skills to convey God’s truth in a refreshing way and create something good.

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Recognizing that each individual’s experience is unique and personal, our all new YMI app hopes to reflect that by enabling a personalized experience for each person.

✔ Follow your favorite topics to ensure that you don’t miss out on content that matters to you.

✔ Receive timely updates whenever you’re on the go.

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