I'm bored of the gospel

I’m A Christian, But… I’m Bored of the Gospel

Remember the first time you really heard the gospel and were so moved? The emotions, the tearful confession, the heartfelt prayer…

These days, you hear “Jesus died on the cross” and your brain goes, Yeah, yeah, I know

😬 What’s happened to us?

Maybe it’s because we think it’s just another story from eons ago. Maybe we think we’ve “graduated” from the gospel and moved on to more “mature” things. 

Or maybe, we’ve not really been reading the gospel for ourselves, and have only been hearing the “abridged” version from others.

How might we find our way back to seeing the gospel for what it really is? Can we learn to treasure the gospel again, and see its relevance in our life right now?

Understanding the gospel is God's gift

Read and re-read the Bible for ourselves

Our feelings about the Gospel doesn't alter God's commitment to love us

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