A man is looking at his laptop

Should We Love Ourselves?

Title: Should We Love Ourselves?
Artwork by: YMI
Description: We hear so much about self-love and self-care (“You do you!” “Live your truth.” “Don’t care about what others think!”) these days. Sure, loving and caring for ourselves help us draw healthy boundaries and ensure that we’re treated properly, but sometimes we gotta admit that self-love isn’t enough. 

No matter how much we affirm ourselves, it doesn’t remove our problems of self-doubt or fill the emptiness in our hearts. At the end of the day, self-love is largely an effort to save ourselves, which we just can’t do. 

We need a stronger, greater love to pull us up and anchor us. Only God can do that. 

So let’s go to Him and learn His way of love.


A man is looking at his laptop

The man is looking at the mirror

The Man is wearing a graduation rope and holding an A+ cert

The man is sitting on the sofa

The close up of the man's brain

The man is wrapping in a blanket and reading book

The man is holding a diamond

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