Illustration of a dad holding a family photo

A Dad’s POV: The Unseen Pressures They Silently Shoulder

Title: A Dad’s POV: The Unseen Pressures They Silently Shoulder
Artwork by: YMI X @beilymakes
Description: The Bible has high expectations of men and of fatherhood, exhorting them to encourage and comfort their families, and living a life worthy of God (1 Thessalonians 2:11-12).  

Have you ever wondered what it was like for your dad to juggle all these responsibilities?

Perhaps you had a fun and loving dad—you can recall all the games he’s played with you and your siblings, and the snacks he’d sneak to you guys when your mum wasn’t looking.

Or perhaps, your memory of your dad’s a little less fun. Your dad was frequently absent, he was too busy working to provide for the family. Or he was distant—he loved you but he didn’t know how to express his affections. 

Our earthly fathers are not perfect, and in their humanness, they may have failed us—but one thing’s for sure: fatherhood is tough!

This Father’s Day, let’s love them by taking a look at—and trying to understand—the many unseen pressures they’ve been shouldering.


Illustration of a Dad holding a family photo

Illustration of a dad crying

Illustration of a Dad working hard with a dog on his shoulders

Illustration of a dad scolding

Illustration of a dad holding a bible and guitar

Illustration of a dad with schedules, clock and tools behind him

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