Editor’s Picks: Best of Mental Health and the Gospel

Mental Health.

Mostly, the threats come in ways you can’t see. But the struggle for mental health becomes very, very tangible as it seeps into our lives and affects how we’re able to cope, live, and work. Sometimes it’s a challenge for Christians to talk about this. After all, doesn’t Jesus make us whole?

The truth is, He hasn’t restored us completely—not yet. So, as we live in these bodies, let’s strive to make our mental health a priority! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite articles and artspace projects about making it—in all its complexities—a part of our daily conversations.

Would you join us?

Best Articles

God is With Me in My Panic Attacks

The struggle is constant and ongoing. Panic comes unexpectedly and usually for no obvious reason.

Often I’m frustrated with myself—why can’t I be like the rest of my friends and peers, who can enjoy themselves and not be so deeply affected by their senses as I am?

5 Truths to Remember When Anxiety Hits

When anxiety hits, it can be hard for us to remember what we know about God. We can get so caught up in our immediate situations, it becomes difficult to step back and see the bigger picture.

When it gets hard to breathe, we have a place to turn to. We can set our focus on God, and remember these truths…

When God Doesn’t Take Away Your Anxiety

A question I’m often asked is, “How did you stop having anxiety?” I haven’t. Then comes the inevitable follow up: “You mean, you still feel anxious?” Every now and then, yes. “You mean, God hasn’t healed you from it?”

These questions are not uncommon to me and I imagine they’re not uncommon to others in the church.

Letter to a Depressed Christian

I know it takes a mountain of effort to do anything. It’s going to be like this for a while. But don’t stop trying.

Slowly, one thing at a time, start doing things like bathing, eating, and praying. Make it a routine. Then read the Bible, eat a meal with someone, or go grocery shopping.

My Antidote to Panic Attacks: Worship

“Are you okay, dear? Can I help you?” she asked again. “No, I’m not okay.” I replied with a muffled voice, “I don’t think I’m okay.”

What I said next was one of the most important declarations I have ever made. It was the turning point. “But I haven’t told anyone that yet. I need to tell someone. I think something’s wrong. Really wrong.”

Best Artspace Projects

“I Know How You Feel” & Other Things Not to Say

Often, we struggle to find the right words to say–especially when our words often leave a lot unsaid and may fail to bring across our good intentions.

How then can we ensure our words are seasoned with love and grace?

I Have Depression and This Is What I Want You To Know

Depression. What do you think about when you hear this word? Is it just someone experiencing an emotional low or having a bad day?

Or perhaps you are familiar with the term, more familiar than you would like to be.

I Have Anxiety But I’m Not Alone

We all worry, it’s a normal part of life. But sometimes this worry can overtake our entire being and result in anxiety. We feel out of control, paralyzed by the unknown, constantly triggered by the “What if’s?”.

How do you deal with your anxiety?