A Quick Summary of Philippians 1:1-28

We’ve come to the end of Week 1, and we hope you’ve been benefiting from the devotions so far. Here’s a brief recap of some key lessons from Philippians 1:1-28.

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  1. Megan Mina
    Megan Mina says:

    I’ve been desiring to have this kind of devotion and so t’is granted. I would like to commend you all because I’m one of the millions who’se been blessed for the the past week with this devotion. It brought me back on the memory lane to ponder on the blessings that I might missed to give thanks to God and reflect on my present. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you with the spirit of illumination as He reveal His Words to you all.

  2. Lawrence kyom
    Lawrence kyom says:

    Thanks for this devotion, it was awesome!_ Hope we are going to continue?. Looking forward to our next Book.

  3. Rodrigo
    Rodrigo says:

    This is a great devotion to encourage you to live a real Christian life. Every Christian needs to know the real gospel to show a real testimony about Christ Jesus

  4. Terry
    Terry says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. Even just the first week has impacted me so much. I was only going to church sporadically this past year and don’t know anyone there. Because of this study, I prayed and asked God to change my heart and also asked Him to meet someone, and for courage to try to find a Bible study or Sunday school class… to have fellowship and be a part of the body of Christ there. He sooo answered!! “Charlotte” is my new friend and she invited me to go to a Women’s Bible Study that was just starting a new book. Perfect timing!! God’s timing!! I really didn’t expect Him to answer that fast. But, I’m totally loving it!!


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