Sewing a flourishing community

Title: Sewing a flourishing community
Artwork by: Elizabeth Mattson (@mattsonmadeshop)
“The Hands Series” was a personal project to encourage creatives to come together and work as a community, instead of viewing each other as competitors. It can be easy to slip into a competitive mindset, especially when there are so many other creatives on Instagram who are creating similar products as you, have similar styles as you, or a better social media presence than you do.

To me, “hands” depict the idea of “sharing”. There is beauty when we are able to set aside our scarcity mindsets to learn, grow, and flourish with each other.

Building creative communities could simply look like having conversations over coffee, working on projects together, or connecting over social media. Would you be willing to use your “hands” to sow seeds of encouragement, share ideas, and support others too?

As you’re sifting through the gifts you received, why not spend some time thinking about how even the smallest gift could remind us of what it means to live with purpose as Christians. As we celebrate the greatest gift God has given us, hopefully it’ll inspire us to see the little gifts in our lives through a different light.





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