Editor’s Picks: The Best of 2018

2018 has been a fulfilling year for us at YMI. We launched our very first online devotional, published over 560 articles, produced 39 artspace projects and 7 videos to help you ask the whys and walk out your purpose. Thank you for allowing us to journey with you over the ups and downs of the year—we hope our resources have brought a smile on your face, encouraged you through tough times, strengthened your faith, and helped you feel a little less alone in your walk with God.

As a gesture of thanks, we’ve put together a list of the resources from 2018 that you’ve found most engaging and helpful. If you’ve missed out on some of these content, now would be a good time to check them out! If you’ve enjoyed them before, why not refresh your memory and allow the truths from these resources to fuel you up for the year ahead?

Best Articles

How Christianity Ruined My Life

My circumstances had led me to misinterpret God chronically: I thought that He was not good because He refused to give me the good things that I needed to thrive. But after three miserable years of trying to find happiness apart from Him, I realized that I’d gravely misread the situation.

Individual praying at a table

Changing My Prayers Changed My Life

Though my usual prayers appeared humble and submissive, in reality, I was acting as if my life were a stage that belonged solely to me: I was the leading character, while God was merely the guest I invited in for a few acts. My prayers had placed God in the position of a helper, instead of the master of my life.

5 Things to Do When You’re Spiritually Dry

I loved God, and wanted to follow Him, but I went through stretches where I even doubted my own salvation. As I went through the motions of Christianity without feeling worshipful or close to God, I felt like I was living a lie, and this led to a cycle of guilt and shame.

God Is With Me in My Panic Attacks

But even in the midst of fear and confusion, I am increasingly realizing that God is near. Regardless of what we’re going through, God always has something to speak into our lives (Psalm 91:15). And He has been teaching me to distinguish His voice from my intense fears of suffocation and feelings of despair, so that I can push past my anxiety and clearly hear what He has to say.

The Key to Hearing God's Voice

How I Discovered the Key to Hearing God’s Voice

I was desperate for these same experiences that so many other Christians were having. I’d read books about it, spent what seemed like ages straining away in a dark room, attended altar call after altar call, in the hope that I would finally hear God’s voice.

Then one day, it happened.

How Do We Love Others If We’re Lonely?

It’s hard to walk away from a party alone. No one’s hand to reach for. It’s hard to be turned down. Especially when the holidays could be so much sweeter with someone. It is then, that those little irrational questions drift in: What’s wrong with me? Am I not lovable? Why am I alone?

My Quarter Life Crisis: The Day I Went Berserk

No matter how good the money was or how much potential the job held, I had reached the point where if I were to continue, I would do my mental health some serious harm.

The Surprising Way God Spoke to Me in My Grief

Though I hadn’t forgotten that God loved me, it was hard to see that in this terrible season. The emotional storm I was in clouded any hint of God’s light.

Best artspace projects

Dear Depressed Christians

We may not know what to say or do to tell you how much we care, but we know our God is a comforting God and He will be there. Through His Word, He speaks to you and me. May you be assured of His promises.

Take A Leaf Out Of The Bible

Have you ever noticed how often plants are mentioned in the Bible? This project takes a deeper look into the significance of some of the plants recorded in the Bible. The next time you come across one of these plants, may it serve as a reminder of the truths we can learn from different scenes in the Bible.

5 Encouraging Reminders For Yourself And Others

As a body of Christ, we need each other. Christian friendships are not just for prayer and times of fun fellowship, but for mutual encouragement and to build each other up.

Is there anyone you know going through any of these situations? Share with them these reminders from the word of God today!

Best Video

“Why am I this way?” The question had played through Thompson’s mind many times. He had seen others healed from their depression and anxiety. He had been prayed for numerous times. When healing didn’t come, he wondered if it was his fault. He felt like it was out of his control.

Hear Thompson’s story as he shares about his journey with depression and anxiety along with the insights he discovered on the way about himself, about God, and about the church.

That wraps up our lists of the best content of 2018. We hope you’re just as excited as we are to see new articles, artspace projects, and videos up in the year ahead. See you in 2019!