Typography: Colossians 3:13 1-2018

You are a free person. Jesus has set you free. But when you refuse to forgive, you become a prisoner again. A prisoner of your own unforgiveness. A prisoner of your own bitterness. A prisoner of sin again (vv.32-34). The worst kind of prison is the prison of an unforgiving heart.

In his book The Lord and His Prayer, N. T. Wright wrote: “Failure to forgive wasn’t a matter of failing to live up to a new bit of moral teaching. It was cutting off the branch you were sitting on. The only reason for being kingdom-people, for being Jesus’ people, was that the forgiveness of sins was happening; so if you didn’t live forgiveness, you were denying the very basis of your own new existence.”

If we are truly forgiven, we will be forgiving.

Artwork by Elizabeth Gonzales X YMI


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