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In a matter of weeks—or even days—streets will be lined with dazzling displays, shops will be brimming with holiday gifts and Christmas carols will reverberate through the air.

For many of us, it’s a highly anticipated change. It, after all, marks the arrival of our favorite season, Christmas. It’s the time we get warm fuzzy feelings, feel more generous and make an effort to rekindle bonds. But above all that, it’s the time we celebrate the greatest gift God gave to each one of us—His son, Jesus Christ.

So once again, let’s come before the Lord with grateful hearts this December. Let’s celebrate Jesus’ birth and the life He gave us. And let’s be willing to give generously, till it hurts—just as God did for us.

In the spirit of giving, here’s five articles we want to share with you to help us reflect on the most wonderful time of the year.

Why Christmas Doesn’t Make Sense

No, seriously. Nothing much about Christmas makes sense, when you think about it. Here’s five reasons why.


What if there was No Christ in Christmas?

If there was no Christ in Christmas, there would be little hope for us. It would mean we would be on our own in this world—alone in our loneliness, in our mistakes, in our addictions, and in our hopelessness.

But Christ did come that first Christmas, and it makes all the difference in the world.


 Could Christmas be About Abraham too?

Have you ever received a lovely gift and thanked the giver appropriately, only to realize later that it was homemade? Suddenly the significance of the gift grows, because you now know that the giver had put in much effort and many hours into it, and your former expression of thanks doesn’t seem adequate any more.

Something like that happened to me recently, when I started reading the books of Genesis and Matthew side by side.


Where’s the Joy this Christmas?

December feels sorrowful. In this month, bad things happened. A good friend’s mum went into the surgical room for a minor operation, but never came out alive. Another experienced complications during childbirth and the long anticipated child came into the world with permanent disabilities.

Yet, while my friends are grieving, the world is still spinning.


5 Ways Not To Share About Christmas      

Ah, it’s Christmas! A perfect time to mark a significant date with brothers and sisters in Christ. A perfect time to share the gospel and tell people about the love of God that sent His Son down to earth to save us from our sins. And a perfect time NOT to…

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