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A Letter To My Future Wife

Written By Shawn Quah, Singapore

Dear (Future) Wife,

It’s the day after our wedding, doesn’t it feel surreal? Watching you walk down the aisle in your white gown yesterday, I couldn’t stop thanking God for bringing you into my life.

When I was still on my own and feeling lonely, I prayed to God for someone to fill my life with meaning. Oh, how wrong I was to pray for that. Through a dear friend, God showed me that my prayers should center on becoming the godly man that my future wife would want to be with.

A long time passed before I noticed you. We were friends then, each serving God in our own ways. When we became close, I was overjoyed and I couldn’t help smiling (was I too obvious?).

God knew how much I needed someone like you, a person who was not just my source of encouragement but also someone with whom I could share my innermost thoughts and concerns. You were also great with my mum (I knew without a doubt that she would like you!) and your acceptance of my brother, who has special needs, touched me. The fact that you can cook up a storm definitely helped score brownie points with my relatives.

I must admit that you’re nothing like how I envisioned in my poems—in fact, you are so much more. You are someone whom God knew would challenge me to be all that I could be.

Through the months leading to our marriage, I had doubts about whether we were compatible—we both know how different our personalities are. Yet you never failed to remind me that this is a journey we are taking together, and that ultimately, Jesus is the one who will see us through it. That was how we managed to work out those arguments and disagreements. That process also gave me a better insight into your habits, quirks, concerns, and love for me. Sure, we had our difficult moments, but I would never trade those precious lessons for anything else.

You must have noticed how I choked up with emotions while saying my vows (I saw your cheeky smile then). That’s because I couldn’t be happier than I ever was in my life. I look forward to growing old with you, warts and all. I look forward to every mess in the house (when we have kids, hopefully), every laugh, every complaint, every tear, and every tender word we share with each other.

It is my prayer that God guides me to know Him more each day, so that I will be the husband who can lead you, love you, and cherish you the way God intended.

Your (Future) Husband
February 2016

Sentimental, as I see the leaves fall,
Winds sweeping through fields I stand on,
In the distance, the noise seems so small,
Right here, I close my eyes and long,
For that someone my heart belongs.

Fleeting, almost like a faded song,
That familiar feeling I thought gone,
I slowly opened my eyes to the dawn,
Trusting not in what my heart longs,
But where the Lord would have me belong.

EDITOR’S NOTE: What qualities do you want in your future spouse? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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