The Importance of Healing from Within

Written By Joy-Ann Wood, West Indies

If an athlete is injured during training or competition, he will need time to recuperate in order to regain his form. Depending on the severity of the injury, the recovery process may involve applying an ice pack to the affected area, treating it—which may include cleaning the wound and stitching it up—or simply, resting. Of course, it’s only human to get upset and frustrated during this downtime where one isn’t able to train or compete.

On my road to recovery following an operation to remove fibroids from my womb, many people told me that while I might feel fine and things may look normal on the outside, I had to give time to allow for full internal recovery. “Rest. Take it easy. No lifting”, they would say, lest I aggravate the injury.

As I reflected on their advice, it made me realize how we sometimes neglect the importance of being healed on the inside. Many of us walk around appearing fine on the outside, but we’re probably still hurting on the inside—from some past episode or situation that we haven’t quite resolved. Anger, bitterness, and hate may be festering beneath the surface.

God sees and knows everything. He wants to heal us completely—body and soul. In the recovery process, we can surrender our hurts to Him. As hard as it will be, this is something that we must do in order to live lives pleasing to God. We need to humble ourselves and ask God to heal our hurts so that we can wholeheartedly forgive those who’ve wronged us. Once we apply the right ointments and astringents to the area, the wound heals on the inside and dries up on the outside.

Today, God wants to prevent us from aggravating the injury and treat the internal wound. He wants to apply the warmth of His love to our hearts, providing the balm of peace so that our internal hurts can completely heal and our lives will testify of His goodness and grace.

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  1. blessie
    blessie says:

    Thank you for this very timely message. Indeed, God is the only one who can and knows every hurt and pain inside of us. We may sometime deny it but God loves us so much that He will reveal it to us so we can have the full and abundant life He wants us to have by healing us completely not just on the outside but inside, even to deepest bone and marrow. God bless you Ms.Wood! 🙂


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