ODJ: in the end . . .

May 31, 2014 

READ: Jeremiah 33:1-26 

Give thanks to the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, for the LORD is good. His faithful love endures forever! (v.11).

In the East End I found grace and faith and hope hidden in the darkest corners. I found tenderness and squalor and laughter amid filth. I found a purpose and a path and I worked with a passion for the best reason of all—I did it for love.” This quote from an episode of the BBC TV series Call the Midwife captures not only life in the 1950s in a poor neighbourhood in London, England, but it also reflects how we should live out our faith in Jesus.

The Southern Kingdom of Judah was facing darkness, destruction and filth. Teetering on the brink, the people received messages that God gave them through Jeremiah—both warnings and words of hope. God proclaimed, “The men of [Jerusalem] are already as good as dead, for I have determined to destroy them . . . because of all their wickedness” (Jeremiah 33:5). The apostate nature of the nation required severe discipline and cleansing by the Holy One.

But God in His mercy promised that the future would hold healing and peace (v.6). He promised that there would once again be singing and joy (vv.10-11). And He promised that in time a “descendant from King David’s line” (v.15) would bring justice and salvation to earth. That man was Jesus Christ, who brought God’s new covenant of grace and forgiveness to us (vv.20-22, 31:31-34).

No matter what trials you’re facing—whether brought about by your sinful choices or man’s fallen ways—remember that God’s “faithful love endures forever!” (33:11). He promises He’ll never abandon you and one day He’ll restore what has been broken. But you must turn to Him.

Today, you can live out a love that transcends what you’re facing. Do it all for the loving God who—in the end—will make all things new (Revelation 21:5).

—Tom Felten

365-day plan› Daniel 3:1-30

Consider the words of Psalm 30:5 and what they reveal about God and your future in Him.  
How does the example of what the people of Judah experienced give you hope? What do you need to confess to God? What comfort do you seek from Him?