Single, Dating or Married?

Looking to dip in on some relationship tips? Perhaps it’s about navigating dating life, singlehood, or your newly married status. Or perhaps you’d like to recapture the heady days of your marriage—well, good news, we may have the thing for you! 

We’ve gathered a number of top articles addressing these topics that we hope will resonate with you.

Does the perfect relationship actually exist? Can we ever attain those #relationshipgoals we’ve been using to measure our relationships?

What myths on relationships have we subconsciously fallen into believing? Exchange them with God’s enduring truths!

Here are five tips to help you respond to those neverending nosey questions about your marital status that keeps coming your way—especially during festive occasions.

Dating is a lot of fun, but it can also come with a lot of questions. Here are the three most important questions to ask ourselves (and involve God in too!) as we navigate the dating world.

Most of us assume we know everything about married life. But do we? Let’s see what assumptions we may have naively made about tying the knot.

Romance isn’t dead once the wedding bells are over. These 10 simple steps can help you and your spouse recapture those early days of dating.

We know Christ should be at the centre of our relationships, but how do we do that? Here are three keys that can help us.

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We hope we’ve offered you some insight and guidance for whatever stage you’re in at the moment. 

It’s our prayer that you may also come to form a deeper relationship with the One who has loved you from the very beginning—Jesus.

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