Enter His gates with thanksgiving. (Ref. Psalm 100:4)

Typography: Psalm 100:4

How should we enter God’s temple (or church)? Should we step inside all sombre and pious, filled with trepidation and guilt or should we be more like the Psalmist, joyfully entering “His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise” (Psalm 100:4)?

We enter with thanksgiving for He has washed away our sins, and with praise on our tongues for all the wonderful things He has done and continue to do in our lives.

Get your happy feet on and whirl your way into His courts as you remember God’s goodness and grace over your life.


What does it mean to enter His courts with thanksgiving and praise? Does it mean brushing away our hurt and pain under the carpet, or does it mean we can still thank and praise Him despite our negative circumstances?

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