Abide in Him, and bear much fruit. (Ref. John 15:5)

Typography: John 15:5

Many of us like the feeling of achieving things on our own, whether it’s assembling a flatpack by ourselves, or climbing a hill without any aid. These small victories work as an ice-breaker at parties and #humblebrag on social media.

We take this mentality in our relationship with God as well. We feel we can power on even when we are cut away from the Vine, and find ourselves producing nothing worthwhile.

Jesus said those who abide in Him will bear much fruit (John 15:5), so we need to graft ourselves to the Giver of Life. In turn, it means we cannot boast about our works because everything that we do or achieve comes from Jesus.


What does abiding in Jesus look like to you? In what ways can you abide in Him?

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