Seek the Lord while He is near. (Ref. Isaiah 55:6)

Typography: Isaiah 55:6

Most of us tend to procrastinate when it comes to ticking off our to-do lists. We might categorise our tasks this way: To be done tomorrow (truly!), too hard basket, and maybe never.

But if there’s one thing we musn’t procrastinate on, it’s to seek the Lord while “He may be found” (Isaiah 55:6). This verse pleads with us to call on God while He is still near, to answer the call of salvation and seek His forgiveness, before it’s too late.

Seeking God for pardon and grace has to be done today, not tomorrow, or in the maybe never basket, because there’ll come a time when He’ll close the door on us.


Father, my to-do lists are busy and full. I find myself squeezing you out into the margins of my life, telling myself I’ll seek you another day. Gently remind me that today is the day I seek you while You are still to be found.

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