"The kingdom of God has come near." (Ref Mark 1:15)

Typography: Job 5:9

Trying to picture heaven sometimes feels like an exercise in creativity. What does it look like exactly? Is it a place of fluffy clouds or a palace set in Disneyland? And heaven seems so … distant, we just can’t wrap our heads around it!

While we’ll never know what heaven looks like exactly, we can know that God’s kingdom isn’t a vague, distant place that’s a million lightyears away. In fact, the kingdom of God “has come near” (Mark 1:15), and it’s as near to us as our own hands.

If there’s any time for us to encounter God’s kingdom, it is now. And the only ticket to admission into this kingdom is by repenting and putting away our sins for a new hope and life in Jesus.


Does knowing that “the kingdom of God has come near” bring you comfort? Or does it sometimes feel a little too close for comfort? What sins do you need to repent of today in order to experience God’s kingdom?

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