A sad and poor man is being neglected by others


Title: Outsider
Artwork by: YMI X @jasmot_illustrations
Description: What is it like to live as a refugee—someone who is forced to be an outsider?

Perhaps we imagine that the persecution and suffering that they face are too unique—compared to the daily frustrations we face each day—and so we tend to view refugees with a sense of helplessness, yet never quite more than that. 

Today is #WorldRefugeeDay. Let’s not step into their shoes for now. But step into our own, and rethink the way we see them.


A sad and poor man is being neglected by others

Text on a textured background

Refugees are queuing for food in refugee camp

A woman is thinking

Crowd silhouette

Crowds silhouette

The woman standing alone

a pause

Text on bright background

prayer text

Other ways you can help:

  • Find out where the nearest refugee community is in your area, and what their specific needs are.
  • Learn more from vetted organisations that are actively serving these refugees’ tangible needs and consider donating to them or volunteering with them.
  • Pray for the refugees:
    • Pray that the Church will richly, sacrificially extend God’s love and protection towards them
    • Pray that refugees will experience the love and warmth of Christ
    • Pray that refugees will be protected, and for the protection and wisdom of their host countries
    • Pray that God will show you personally how to respond to their needs
  • Share these ideas and project with a friend, and start serving them together in simple ways.


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