Make The Time

Read: Psalm 84:1-4
What joy for those who can live in Your house, always singing Your praises (Psalm 84:4).

Are you busy? We can easily become overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that loom over us on any given day. We have calendar apps, appointment reminders, and handy lists to keep us organized. I enjoy finding new ways to use my time wisely and stay on task, but I have to be careful not to put my trust in my plans over the One who holds the plan. More importantly, I need to understand that while life often “just happens,” I must approach it with intentionality.

We’ve all experienced times when our schedule took on a life of its own—we were simply along for the ride. But even amid the things over which we have no control, we can be guilty of trying to tackle our schedules without God’s strength and guidance. Flitting about, we ask Him to bless our efforts, safeguard our investments, and take note of all we are doing. But in it all, we should stop and ask the question: Where is God in all of this?

God didn’t choose David to handle the heavy responsibilities of a kingdom because He saw his leadership skills in action, knew he could multitask, or because he had achieved numerous awards for his community service. Long before he sat on the throne, David positioned his life in worship and meditation before his Creator.

David’s declaration of longing for the courts of the Lord wasn’t about a building. It had everything to do with David’s desire to spend time with the Lord (Psalm 84:1-2). He delighted to be in God’s presence and to worship Him while he was there (Psalm 27:4, Psalm 122:1).

Life will not stop to clear the path for us to build a relationship with Jesus. We must make the time to “to live in [His] house, always singing [His] praises” (Psalm 84:4).

Taken from “Our Daily Journey”