30 Sayings That Lead To Wisdom

Day 34 – Proverbs 22:17-24:22

The ″Thirty sayings of the wise″, were not written by Solomon himself, and scholars are divided over their source. Because of some similarity to an ancient Egyptian work, some believe that Solomon adapted them, but others differ.

What’s important is that they are still from God. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. No matter which human hands wrote the words, they say precisely what God wants to say, therefore we are to listen, learn, and apply them to our lives (Proverbs 22:17). Let’s take a quick look at these 30 sayings, before we go into greater detail about some of them tomorrow:

  1. Keep these sayings in your heart and apply them, so that you will trust in the Lord. (22:17-21)
  2. Don’t exploit the poor, for the Lord is their protector. (vv. 22-23)
  3. Watch whom you associate with, for you may follow their ways. (vv. 24-25)
  4. Be prudent in your financial commitments. (vv. 26-27)
  5. Do not appropriate other people’s property. (v. 28)
  6. The quality of your work will determine your progress. (v. 29)
  7. Beware the temptation of gluttony, for it can trap you. (23:1-3)
  8. Don’t pursue wealth, for the security of riches is fleeting. (vv. 4-5)
  9. Don’t accept an invitation from a stingy host, the meal will not be enjoyable. (vv. 6-8)
  10. Don’t waste your effort advising fools, it will be like casting a pearl before swine. (v. 9)
  11. Don’t take property from orphans, the Lord is their defender. (vv. 10-11)
  12. Listen to wisdom, keep it in your heart, and apply it. (v. 12)
  13. Proper discipline will benefit a child. (vv. 13-14)
  14. A wise and righteous child is a father’s joy. (vv. 15-16)
  15. Don’t envy the prosperity of the wicked, but focus on revering the Lord, for it will give you true hope. (vv.17-18)
  16. Don’t associate with those who indulge in drinking and feasting, for their partying will only lead them into poverty. (vv. 19-21)
  17. Heed the wisdom and advice of your parents, and you will be their joy. (vv. 22-25)
  18. Beware the woman who seduces you into unfaithfulness, for she will lead you into a trap. (vv. 26-28)
  19. Don’t indulge in drinking, it will bring all kinds of trouble. (vv. 29-35)
  20. Don’t envy the wicked, for they are always plotting trouble. (24:1-2)
  21. Wisdom is the key to a stable house and to success. (vv. 3-4)
  22. Wisdom gives true strength; good guidance and advice are needed for victory. (vv. 5-6)
  23. Wisdom is out of a fool’s reach, so he should keep quiet when decisions are being made. (v. 7)
  24. Evil plots and foolish schemes are sin. (vv. 8-9)
  25. Persevere through trouble, and help others. Don’t claim ignorance of their predicament, for the Lord knows what’s in your heart. (vv. 10-12)
  26. Wisdom will give you true joy and hope. (vv. 13-14)
  27. Don’t attack or rob the righteous, for they are protected. (vv. 15-16)
  28. Don’t gloat over others’ misfortunes, even if they are your enemy or are unrighteous, for it displeases the Lord. (vv. 17-18)
  29. Don’t fret about the success of the wicked, they will be punished in due course. (vv. 19-20)
  30. Fear God and those He puts in authority, do not rebel against them. (vv. 21-22)

These lessons might seem random, but life, after all, is typically random too. Who knows-you might find one especially apt today. Consider taking time to reflect on the 30 sayings over the next 30 days, and see how you can apply them to your life.

Think Through:

Which of the 30 sayings of the wise strike you most? How can you apply them to your daily life?

What do the 30 wise sayings say about the nature and character of our Lord? How can this knowledge encourage you and influence the way you live?

Taken from Journey Through Proverbs: 50 Biblical Insights by David Cook.