Editor’s Picks: Best of What Makes You Beautiful

Try as we might to stop it, modern society’s ever-changing standards of beauty seem to constantly creep into our thinking and impression of our self-worth. But God, as our creator, designed each of us exactly the way that we are, with great intention.

What do we do when we struggle to like how He’s made us?

Join these contributors and dive into this list of YMI’s best articles on the topic of beauty!

Best Articles

Why I’m Dying to the Beauty Ideal

Disgruntled with my looks and disappointed with how God made me, I started whining to Him. One day, as I was busy telling God how shortchanged I felt, my eyes fell on a verse.

God was speaking, and He meant business. There was no ignoring what He was telling me.

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The Story of My Eating Disorder

I was blind to the root issue—my hurt and insecurity. I knew something wasn’t right, but I just didn’t know exactly what was going on, and I didn’t know how to fix it. What I was feeling was real, and not something I could casually brush aside to pretend everything was all right.

In my feelings of hopelessness, I allowed the lies of the world to outweigh the truth of the Bible.

Yet the truth was simple.

What if God Made Me Pretty?

Around the age of 18, I decided that I wanted to change my appearance. In my early 20s, I met with an aesthetic doctor to talk about possible procedures to enhance my facial features.

I simply could not understand Psalm 139:14, which says that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made.” I felt that it did not relate to me.

It was not until I came across another verse one day during my quiet time that I realized how God was speaking to me.

How Worship Helped in My Body Image Struggles

As the song ended, I felt a prompting in my heart, saying, “Honor me with your body. Follow My ways and My righteousness, and you will be My glory.”

At first I wondered if I was out of my mind, because it seemed unimaginable that I could be God’s glory. But now I think I understand what it means.

When Others Called Me Fat

One of the things they would say to me while I was browsing through the clothes racks was, “We only have small sizes here.”

Over time, I came to accept what seemed to be the only reality in my life: I was fat and ugly, and that would never change.

It was not until I met another student in China, that I started to change my way of thinking.

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Tailored For Glory

All of us are under the meticulous craftsmanship of God and are His work-in-progress.

Nothing is incidental in His eyes—our specific background, interests, skill sets and conditions, all serve a glorious purpose for His kingdom. No two persons are alike, and not one is better or less worthy than the other.

You are tailored for glory.

Beauty From Ashes

God doesn’t make trash. Period.

All that He creates is beautiful, and a reflection of who He is. It’s easy to buy into the lie that “I’m too messed up” for redemption, but that’s far from the truth.

So, what makes you beautiful?

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