YMI Typography - You have searched me, Lord, and You know me. - Psalm 139:2

Typography: Psalm 139:2 3-2019

God knows us thoroughly as we go about our everyday chores, at different locations and situations, no matter our condition (Psalm 139:1–4, 7–12). No matter how precarious our circumstances become, He already knows who and where we are. The Lord knows who we are, where we are, and what we need. We are always in His care. He does not abandon us or forget us; nor is He so busy that He neglects us. Even when we are in trouble or in difficult circumstances—“darkness” and “night” (vv. 11–12)—we are not hidden from His presence. This truth gives us such hope and assurance that we can praise the Lord who has carefully created us and leads us through life (v. 14).
Artwork by Mel Poynton (@littlerubyriver)


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