Typography: Isaiah 40:31

Life’s heartbreaks and tragedies can put an end to our resilience, our endurance, our nerve, and bring us to our knees. But if we put our hope in the Lord and rely on Him, He renews our strength. The key to our endurance lies in the exchange of our limited resources for God’s limitless strength. And it is ours for the asking.
With God’s strength we can “run and not be weary,” even when days become hectic and demanding. With His strength we can “walk and not faint,” even though tedious, dull routine makes the way seem dreary and long. The psalmist exclaimed in the midst of his weary, tearful pilgrimage, “Blessed is the man whose strength is in You” (Psalm 84:5).
Oh, what an exchange—God’s infinite strength for our finite weakness!
Artwork by Mel Poynton (@littlerubyriver)


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