ODJ: Song in the Night

September 6, 2017 

READ: Habakkuk 3:1-19 

I remembered my songs in the night. My heart meditated . . . on all your mighty deeds (Psalm 77:6,12 niv).

A poignant love story was told in a newspaper article in 2016. The title of the article, “I Have No Choice but to Keep Looking”, reflects the tenacious affections of a Japanese man who was still exploring the ocean floor for the body of his wife who died during a devastating tsunami in 2011. After spending two and a half years looking in and around their home city, he took scuba diving lessons and began searching the ocean floor for Yuko’s remains in 2013. Though the darkness of tragedy had enveloped his life, he continued seeking to find the one he deeply loved.

The prophet Habakkuk chose not to stop seeking after God even amidst dark days of loss for his people. The people of Judah had been living under the power of their enemy Assyria, but now it became clear that the dreaded Babylonians would soon overtake them both (1:6). In a song that proclaimed hope in God even during an ongoing night of despair for his people, Habakkuk focused on His “amazing works” and what He had done “in years gone by” (3:2).

It can be hard to feel the love of God and continue seeking after Him when hard days come. But, like the prophet, we can choose to remember what God has done and also look forward in expectation of what He’ll do one day. Though things looked bleak, Habakkuk waited “quietly for the coming day” and “rejoice[d] in the Lord!” (3:16,18). In resolute trust, he sang, “I will be joyful in the God of my salvation! The Sovereign Lord is my strength!” (vv.18-19).

When darkness threatens to overwhelm you, choose to sing your song in the night to Jesus. Meditate on His mighty deeds in the past and look with hope to where He’ll lead you in the future. He is with you.

—Tom Felten

365-day-plan: Matthew 23:1-39

Meditate on Romans 15:13, rejoicing in God and the reasons you can hope in Him. 
What challenge or trial is threatening to overwhelm you? How can you imitate Habakkuk and press on in God’s strength and love?