Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Heaven & Hell

It’s time to remember the greatest act in history.
It’s the day God stretched out his hands to show His unconditional love for us.
It’s a truth that has lifted our spirits in our deepest grief, darkest moments and everyday living.

Once again, it’s time to renew our appreciation and joy for what Jesus did for us on the cross.

Here are three insightful pieces on death, hope and the resurrection that we want to revisit.

May it realign our hearts and minds as we commemorate the occasion that changed our lives forever.

May we fall in love with Jesus all over again.

1. When Death Hits Us Hard

I asked myself: Since death is an inevitable rite of passage, what then should I do? Should I just sit and wait for death to take my loved ones away from me? Or worse, just sit and wait for death to come knocking on my own door?

2. Why I Didn’t Give Up on Hope

I once held a very dim view of the word “hope”. It sounded wishy-washy to me. If hope was personified, it would be a weak-willed doormat with no opinions of its own. To hope was to foolishly cling to the belief that someone would grant your wish after you threw a couple of coins down a wishing well.

2. Why I Started Thinking about the Resurrection

I was having dinner with a good friend one evening, when she suddenly asked, “So what exactly is Good Friday all about?” It was the first time anyone had asked me such a question, and I was caught off guard. Thankfully, I managed to recover from my surprise, and explained to my friend, who was of another faith, what Good Friday means to Christians.

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