Are You Satisfied With Your Life?

Written By Jesse Schmidt, Canada

My growing up years were tough.

When my parents got divorced, my brothers and I stayed with my dad, and we had to share a bedroom in a friend’s house for some time. Being small-sized and a bit of a geek, I was frequently picked on physically and verbally.

As a result, I became very angry and bitter towards people who had everything going right for them. To cope with these feelings and depressing thoughts, I made a resolution to fill my life with fun. This came in the form of video games, sports, exercise, movies—you name it, I tried it. But I was never truly satisfied; these things were fun, but they couldn’t give me the peace or joy that I truly wanted. What I was searching for was a life that was full of hope and joy—just like what I had heard about in church.

About two years ago, the Lord began to work in my life and show me that the things I was doing would never satisfy and was not what I needed. Slowly, through constant prompting by the word and through other Christians, He helped me let go of things and activities that used to fill my life.

Today, I can say with full confidence that I’ve found that life in Christ. One key verse that I reflect on often is Matthew 16:25, in which Jesus says: “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

Now I know what you are thinking: What did Jesus mean about losing your life to find it? Indeed, it sounds odd, and not something that anyone would want to do. It did not make sense to me either—until I learned to surrender my life to Jesus and started a relationship with him.

For me, it included things like spending less time on things I desired, like playing video games or sports and doing things that He desired like reading the bible and helping others. It was not easy. It took effort and the shedding of tears. But it was worth it, and still is worth it as tough times occur now.

Having been through difficult times and facing people who looked down on me, I’ve found that I can always go to Jesus, the Solid Rock who does not change or reject those who seek Him. Because of His sacrifice, I can have a relationship with Him that is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to me. With a life in Jesus, I can now handle anything the world throws at me, because I know that He will work out all things for His glory and my good.

Jesus is the only one who can fully satisfy and give life; nothing else in this world can. I know this because I have tried to find satisfaction in the things of this world, like playing video games or sports. It was only after I started spending time in solitude with the Lord, reading my Bible and learning about His promises and character, that I realized how much more meaningful and satisfying they were than playing video games by myself.

What are you going through? Can I encourage you to take hold of the life Jesus promised us?

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