ODJ: too much fun?

November 19, 2014 

READ: Luke 17:20-37 

When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day. he people enjoyed banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered his boat and the flood came (vv.26-27).

In the film Ice Age: Continental Drift, many of the creatures are trying to save the world from imminent disaster. Two possums named Crash and Eddie, however, simply engage in fun and games.

Louis the molehog asks a series of questions about their escapism: “How are you both so happy? Doesn’t it weigh on you that the world might be ending?” At that point, Eddie reaches out his hand, pinches Louis’ nose, and says, “Beep.” Ultimate escapism! They didn’t give a second thought to the reality of the end of the world.

To illustrate a similar escapism mentality of the people who will ignore His imminent return, Jesus used the example of Noah and the flood (Luke 17:27). In the days before the flood (Genesis 6:5-7:5), life was business as usual for most people. Noah, however, spent many years building a huge boat as God had commanded (6:14). The rest of mankind continued with their “human wickedness” and “violence” (vv.5,11). Life went on this way until the day it began to rain and the flood came and drowned everyone but Noah and his family.

By using this illustration, Jesus was warning people against false security and encouraging them to be ready for His return—for there will be no second chances. Some will go to be with Him and others will be left behind (Luke 17:30-35).

Like the escapist possums, many will be having too much fun to be concerned—shopping, playing, partying, celebrating, marrying—blocking out the reality of Jesus’ second coming. One day He will return, however. Let’s make sure we’re personally ready for this reality. And let’s tell others about God’s love and mercy and help them prepare for Jesus’ return! —Marvin Williams

365-day plan› Acts 28:15-31

Read Romans 13:11-12 and see why it’s important for us to enter fully into the reality of Jesus’ return and to tell others about Him. 
What is the plight of those who do not know and follow Jesus? Who are the ‘Crashes and Eddies’ in your life that need to be awakened to the reality of the gospel and Christ’s return?