Why pray when God is all-knowing?

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  1. samarica
    samarica says:

    I believe its all about. Him wanting us to build our trust in Him..He wants us to ask like a little child asks her father for something knowing that she’ll get it…

  2. samarica
    samarica says:

    I believe He wants us to build our trust in Him.. wanting us to ask like a child asks her father for something knowing that she’ll get it

  3. min xiong
    min xiong says:

    This afternoon receive a call from employer to do night shift,may be will go tommrrow friday mission service in the evening,amen

  4. Vinee
    Vinee says:

    Prayer is talking to God. He loves us and expects us to spend time with him. Even though he is all knowing he want us to acknowledge him. Someone said this “When you kneel before God,you can stand before anyone”.The more we pray,the more he reveals his thoughts and his plan in our life. Prayer in the morning can give us strength to face the day. God bless you.!.:)

  5. sheryl
    sheryl says:

    A friend reminded me recently that the main point of prayer is not so much to do with the end result – getting what we ask for, but instead more to do with building that relationship we have with God through Christ, who is our Mediator. Because of our fallen nature, we really do not have the “right” to ask anything from God. It’s because we have been brought to God through Christ, that we are even able to approach the throne of grace with confidence. And because of this relationship that we have with God now, we are able to cast our cares upon Him and entrust our future into His hands, knowing that all things will work out for the good of those who love Him, by His sovereign will and grace.

  6. felina
    felina says:

    Prayer draws us closer to God, where we can get a vision for our future n better understand our purpose.He is our Father,we are His children.

  7. Teodora
    Teodora says:

    Not just because God enjoys listening to us and what is on our heart, but also because it’s good for us. So many times we have burdens that we can’t share, or we don’t want to share with others, but God, He is always here to listen and not just listen but help anytime.

  8. Gera
    Gera says:

    Praying deepens our relationship with God. God may already know what we will pray before we even pray to Him but He still wants us to come and talk to Him because it pleases Him when we acknowledge Him. 🙂 God bless you all.

  9. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    It builds our relationship and trust with God. Just like He always visit Adam and Eve before the fall. He enjoys revealing Himself to us when we talk to him.

    • Wendy
      Wendy says:

      Ruth, I agree. It is about connecting with our Master who loves to communicate with his children.

  10. Nina Bianca Manzano Grepo
    Nina Bianca Manzano Grepo says:

    Because God wants us to ask,seek and knock to Him. He wants to talk and spend some time with us.

  11. Samuel
    Samuel says:

    Could we be looking at prayer as a shopping list instead of a conversation? I think God want us to have some time with Him. Like a father, He will still provide for your basic needs but you have a better relationship if you talk. You understand His decisions better.

  12. Rohit Abraham Chacko
    Rohit Abraham Chacko says:

    Man is a tripartate being-the spirit, soul & body. It is the spirit that communicates with God. When we recieve Christ, we are born again in the spirit. The spirit which was dormant in the unregenerate man is now made alive. PRAYER is the means through which it will grow, taking you to the presence of God. The LORD’s PRAYER which is our model, has 7 verses, out of which 4 concentrates on God & his glory i.e 57%, 2 on spiritual warfare and forgiveness of sins i.e 29% and only 1 on our need. PSALMS gives us vast amount of thoughts on the omnipotence of God which can be powerful material for PRAYER. “How precious to me are thy thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!If I would count them, they are more than the sand. Where I to come to the end, I would still be with thee.”-PSALMS 139:17-18.
    PRAYER is spiritual warfare, for the forces of darkness will attack your mind unrelentlessly to thwart your prayer hour. How tired we become when we rise up from our kneels. When we even think of that hour our flesh become unwilling, yet we press on because the spirit is willing. Finally PRAYER makes us strong against the wiliness of the devil and teaches our fingers to fight. PRAYER makes our spirit strong to receive intuitions from GOD!

  13. richelle
    richelle says:

    He said” callunto My name” .,yes,,He knows everything but He also want us to talk to Him.,.get close to Him in prayer!

  14. Niks
    Niks says:

    When we pray, God reveals Himself to us. He knows our needs but He wants us to acknowledge it and ask Him so we may see him working in our life. That He indeed is the Great provider. If we just keep living our life and God providing, tendency is we don’t build connection and we don’t see who God is in our life.

  15. Jojo
    Jojo says:

    Prayer is a fellowship with God. It draws us closer to Him. We may not always opt to ask for anything in prayer, but the Father loves to have an intimate commune with us.

  16. xii
    xii says:

    God does not need our prayers, instead we, ourselves need it. it helps us grow not physically but spiritually. it makes us depend on Him and believe on miracles that only Christ can do.

  17. RheaAnj
    RheaAnj says:

    Like our earthly parents,they know what we need but they dont know what we want.And that we tell them.God knows already what we need.But He wanted us to be humble enough and accept that we depend everything to HIM and in HIM alone.That’s the reason why it still very essential to PRAY.

  18. Jerico del Castillo says:

    Philippians 4:6 – Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

  19. shireen
    shireen says:

    praying is talking to papa GOD taking to him everything,its like having a conversation and its so peaceful when you do coz HOLY SPIRIT intervens and takes our request concerns and love offering to GOD .I LOVE PRAYING N TALKING TO GOD IS THE BEST THING IN MY LIFE

  20. rosybleu
    rosybleu says:

    God is all-knowing doesn’t mean there’s no need to communicate with his creation. You can read the last passage in the book of Job that says even the wind and the storm report to Him. How can we not? We are His creation, therefore, we must pray/”report” to Him.


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