ODJ: a world at peace

September 18, 2013 

READ: Micah 4:1-7 

Everyone will live in peace and prosperity, enjoying their own grapevines and fig trees, for there will be nothing to fear (v.4). 

My friends and I once interviewed believers ofthe four major religions practised in Singaporeto find out their teaching on utopia. This topic intrigued us, for we knew that all people live in an imperfect world.

The challenges of living in a fallen world include more then just economic upheaval and the erosion of godly morals. Daily, people face the prospects of broken relationships, shattered dreams or the death of loved ones. There’s no way to escape the pain and hardships of life on planet Earth.

Is it realistic, then, to wish for utopia? Not if you’re a Christian. But in Micah 4, we are given a glimpse of the “last days” when God will bring peace and restoration to our world. At that time, people from all nations will learn to follow God’s law and teachings (v.2). At that time, a big defence budget will not be required because a calm will come over all the nations as they turn their energies to peaceful purposes and abandon war (v.3). People will live without fear, having security, prosperity and blessing (v.4). And God will have taken centre stage (v.1).

Sound too good to be true? Micah assures us that the very mouth of Almighty God had spoken these words (v.4). These promises came from Him, not just from the prophet. Isaiah uttered the same predictions (Isaiah 2:2-4). The same Spirit gave the same prophecies—things will surely come to pass.

So, as we look forward to that day, may we say, “Though the nations around us follow their idols, we will follow the Lord our God forever and ever” (Micah 4:5). There’s no need to try to conjure up utopia in this life. We know that in God’s time, He will bring peace to our world. —Poh Fang Chia

Read Isaiah 11, Zechariah 2:10-11 and Revelation 21:22-27 for additional glimpses into the perfect world that is to come.
How does God’s promise in Micah 4 encourage you as you face the imperfections of today’s world? What peace has Jesus brought to your world today?