My Story: I Was Born Into A Non-Christian Family

By Mayz Jazurat, Thailand I was born into a Buddhist family, but my parents decided to send me to a Christian school. They did so because it was the best school in Chiang Mai and they wanted me to have a good education. While in school, I attended mandatory church services. I always enjoyed the […]

It’s Gonna Be Okay

By Debra Ayis, Nigeria Lost in a pit of despair Stuck in the mire of hopelessness Of self-loathing, guilt, and depression Mercy found me Where no one else could reach Sunk so deep in a well Far from human redemption Your love reached down Right into this heart of mine Bringing light, healing and salvation […]

Move Closer: Long-Distance Relationship Woes

It is very difficult to maintain long-distance relationships, and I certainly did not go into one a few months ago thinking that it would be easy. Even though it did not work out in the end, looking back on it now, I see the stresses and strains which it had put me under—the hours of […]

Press On!

“So how has your week been?” My cell group leader asked me. I looked up, shrugged my shoulders, and gave my usual orchestrated response, “Super busy.” I must admit, I’ve been guilty of giving such patronizing response. But in my defence, I HAVE been really busy, and not to mention, stressed out. Every week, there […]

Walking on Water

By Sheryl Tay, Singapore Often, we desire to commit our whole lives to God. But when it comes to actually surrendering our career, our relationships, our families to God, we hesitate. We are afraid that when we take that step of faith to walk on water, we might drown. In my mission trip to Cebu, […]