The Christian Run

But he still kept the run.
People around called him insane,
Still, he was determined to see the end—
The end of an awesome journey.

Too Costly To Trifle With

By Debra Ayis, Nigeria My heart whispers to my soul My mind sings its thoughts My soul, mind, and spirit Battle within me. My spirit yearns for food and nourishment Once strong but now weakened My flesh sings a song of victory Over another battle won But the war of righteousness Wages deep within my […]


“Self-worth: that’s a key word for you!” This rebuke from my friend followed one of my regular self-deprecating remarks—words that are usually intended to be humorous, but over the years some friends have come to know me well enough to discern when I really do see myself in that particular negative light. On this occasion, […]

0 Taste and See!

By Renny Acheampong, Denmark You may not believe this, but I have never tasted sushi in my life! I was once at an Asian restaurant and being the picky eater I was, I ordered my usual fare. My sister, however, had some sushi and encouraged me to try. I immediately refused. There was no way […]

A Philosophy of Pleasure

I’ve been reading a book recently that has a main character who follows the views of the Greek philosopher Epicurus. Epicurus founded Epicurean thought, which advocates that you should live your life for pleasure and avoid pain as much as possible. When the main character in my book explains this, he says that pleasure is […]