Will you also betray me?

He was one of the Twelve. He walked and talked with Jesus, heard the sermons He preached, and witnessed the miracle He performed.

What is Forgiveness?

Recently, in RBC Ministries’ office in UK, we all completed something called a DiSC survey. Through answering a series of questions, we discovered our personality types—Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Prayer of a 21st Century Young Adult

Using the five fingers as a prayer guide. (Thumb—those closest to us) Father, I thank You for those who support me, Who keep me strong in my weaknesses.

Diet and Prayer

Before the year of 2013 ended, I made my New Year resolution for 2014. I remembered one of the things I wanted to see happen is to be transformed by God to become a woman whose confidence and security come from the Lord,

In the Storm

In this world so vast, Caught within its strangling grip, Over the horizon, storms that brew, Terrible to behold, more than we knew.