Original writings: All content submitted must be written by the sender. We will accept content that has been published or submitted elsewhere, but do note that all content will have to go through an editorial process before it is posted.

Type of writings we are interested in:




Applying lessons gleaned from quiet-time/sermons/bible studies to daily life.


Your faith journey.


Similar to testimonies but can be based on a one-off occasion.

List articles

Short, pithy learning points tied to Christian themes. 

Topical articles 

A Christian perspective on issues young people are concerned about.

Statement of faith: All content must not be contrary with Our Daily Bread Ministries’ statement of faith (

Word count: 800 to 1000 words.

Approach: Personal and relational. Content should relate biblical truths with the writer’s experience.

      • Perspective: Written in first person or third person

      • Local content: Author should raise issues faced in his or her local context

Tone: Comfort, encourage, inspire or challenge and provoke lovingly. Avoid sounding preachy or condescending. Content that is offensive, derogatory or crude will not be posted.

Credit: Provide links where necessary and give credit where it is due.

Bible text: When quoting bible passages, use NIV (2011).

If you have original illustrations or photos to go with your articles, do send them to us. Insert attribution if required.



1. Write a title BEFORE you start writing the actual article.

  • This will not only help you be clear on what you want to convey, but a good title will also entice the reader to click on your piece. It has been said that 8 out of 10 people will read the title while only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.
  • Use catchy or thought-provoking titles (could be in the form of a statement, exclamation, or question).

2. Ask yourself a few questions.

  • “If you come across your own article online, will you stop to read it?”, and “How does your article benefit your reader?”

3. Think about the response you desire your reader to have. 

  • Is your content meant to inspire your reader towards prayer? Commitment to God? Love for God and for people? Service to God and to people?
  • Ultimately, content should inspire fellow believers to live solely for tHIS reaSON. (For His Son, Jesus Christ)

4. Keep your target audience in mind.

  • Your content should be written for 18-35 year olds.

5. Present a classic truth in a new and refreshing way.

  • Ask yourself, “What does your article have that others don’t?”

6. Start with punchy introductions that hook the reader.

  • It could be a story, a quote or a question.

7. Use the active voice whenever possible. 

8. Incorporate personal examples/illustrations /analogies that strike a chord with the reader.

  • It should not just be a theoretical /intellectual exercise.

9. Include relevant biblical principles and/or verses that the reader can take away.

10. Use words that the reader can understand (avoid jargon and clichés).


Share with us your testimony or write according to our monthly themes.

Apr-Jun Month’s Theme

Why Do I Worship?

Topics to explore: Technology, distractions, spiritual disciplines, FOMO, work, decisions, lifestyle choices, finances, temptations, failed jobs, approval, loss, suffering, pain, hope for future, living out identity as Christians, digital space, trends, church life, missions, romantic relationships, busyness, bitterness, idolatry



1.YMI may change any of these guidelines at any time and post the amended guidelines on our website.

2.All content will have to go through an editorial process before it is posted.

3.You may be asked to further edit your content (shorten, add illustration, change key point, etc) if necessary.

4.YMI may make last minute modifications to the title of your article and the date of posting without telling you beforehand. All other changes to your content will be sent to you for your agreement before it is posted.

5.YMI will only post your content when both sides reach an agreement on the revisions made (this excludes the article title and date of posting).


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