ODB: Bluestone Church Bells

April 2, 2023

READ: Luke 19:37–42 

I tell you, . . . if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out. Luke 19:40

Bluestone is a fascinating variety of rock. When struck, certain bluestones will ring with a musical tone. Maenclochog, a Welsh village whose name means “bell” or “ringing stones,” used bluestones as church bells until the eighteenth century. Interestingly, the ruins of Stonehenge, in England, are built of bluestone, causing some to wonder if that landmark’s original purpose was musical. Some researchers claim that the bluestone at Stonehenge was brought from near Maenclochog, nearly two hundred miles away, because of their unique acoustic properties.

Musical ringing stones are yet another of the wonders of God’s great creation, and they remind us of something Jesus said during His Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem. As the people praised Jesus, the religious leaders demanded Him to rebuke them. “ ‘I tell you,’ he replied, ‘if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out’ ” (Luke 19:40).

If bluestone can make music, and if Jesus made mention of even the stones bearing witness to their Creator, how might we express our own praise to the One who made us, loves us, and rescued us? He is worthy of all worship. May the Holy Spirit stir us to give Him the honor He deserves. All of creation praises Him.

— Bill Crowder

How many ways can you think of in which creation praises God? How can you join in daily worship of our Creator?

Creator God, You are deserving of all worship, praise, and gratitude. When my heart grows hard and I lose sight of Your worthiness, remind me that all creation sings Your praise.

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