Justice Will Be Served

Day 22 – Esther 8:1-2

On the same day that Haman falls, Mordecai rises. The impaling of Haman probably provided the chance for Esther to reveal to the king that Mordecai was her relative (Esther 8:1). Haman is again described as ″the enemy of the Jews″ (v. 1), but now he has been executed as an enemy of the Persian Empire. As such, Haman’s estate has been confiscated by the empire and given to Queen Esther (v. 1).

The king already knew Mordecai as the one who had saved his life (Esther 2:21-23; 6:1-2). Now that he also knows Mordecai’s relationship to Esther, he elevates him to the equivalent of prime minister in place of Haman. So the signet ring that the king gave to Haman before (3:10) is now given to Mordecai. He now has the power to act with the authority of the king. And Queen Esther appoints Mordecai over Haman’s estate (8:2). He now controls everything that Haman used to. The temporary honour that was granted to Mordecai from the king through Haman, when he was paraded around the city (6:11), is now permanent reality.

What a swift turnaround! Just the night before, Haman had built a pole for Mordecai to be impaled on. But the next day, Haman has been impaled on it instead. Now Mordecai has taken over Haman’s position and possessions. At the start of the day he was destined to hang limp on a high pole; by the end of it, he is looking down from a position of power.

This turnaround is founded on the idea of justice. Mordecai saved the king’s life but wasn’t rewarded. He is now. By using trickery and slander, Haman schemed to destroy all of God’s people but wasn’t punished. He is now. Although God isn’t mentioned in this turnaround, we know from elsewhere in the Bible that He is a God of justice. As it says in Psalm 75:7, ″It is God who judges: he brings one down, he exalts another.″

In God’s universe, evildoers will ultimately be punished and those who do what is right will be rewarded (Ecclesiastes 12:14).

Think Through:

How have you experienced injustice in your life? How would you normally handle it?

Justice may not always be served in our lifetimes. Read 2 Corinthians 5:10. What assurance do we have in knowing that, one day, God will bring punishment and reward for every person?

Taken from Journey Through Esther: 30 Devotional Insights by Peter Lau.