ODJ: Help from on High

October 3, 2018 

READ: Job 16:18-22 

I need someone to mediate between God and me, as a person mediates between friends (v.21).

A man was accused of committing “culpable homicide” in a traffic accident. Although the evidence gathered at the scene of the accident seemed to convict him, he pleaded that he was innocent. A renowned defence lawyerheard about the case, and after meeting with the accused and consulting with some forensic scientists, decided to take it on as a pro-bono (not compensated) project.

I can only imagine the tremendous relief the man must have felt to have someone representing him—someone in whom he could have confidence.

Job, likewise, needed someone to plead his case and vindicate his innocence. He had no one who would stand for him; even his friends condemned him, believing his suffering was the just punishment for evil he’d committed. But Job insisted he was innocent and that his suffering was undeserved. He stated: “I need someone to mediate between God and me, as a person mediates between friends” (Job 16:21).

We all need an advocate who will plead our case from time to time—especially when the accuser Satan charges us as guilty before God and our conscience testifies against us as well. See? You’ve done it again—you’ve lost your temper, you’ve been lazy . . .

It’s comforting to know that we do have an Advocate: “Even now my witness is in heaven; my advocate is there on high” (v.19). Jesus, our defence lawyer, argues for pardon because He paid the penalty for our sin by His death on the cross. As John wrote, “We have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father. He is Jesus Christ” (1 John 2:1). Every person that draws near to God through Christ can know that the accuser has no grounds for convicting us. Praise God! We have a Friend in the highest court. We have help from on high.

—Poh Fang Chia

365-day plan: Matthew 28:16-20

Read Romans 8:1-4 for a deeper appreciation of what Jesus our Advocate has done to secure God’s favourable verdict towards us. 
What do you need to confess, and how might you ask Jesus—your Advocate—to plead for you? How does Jesus’ advocacy for us strengthen your hope in Him?