ODJ: God’s Imprint

January 1, 2018 

READ: Job 12:7-10 

The life of every living thing is in his hand, and the breath of every human being (v.10).

When I glimpse a palette of vivid colours painted across the sky or take in the delicate design of a daffodil, I love to think about God as Creator. Beauty can draw us to experience awe when we see His imprint in nature. Even if we’re surrounded by concrete with no green in sight, we may hear some melodious birdsong and remember that God is our Maker.

One character in the Old Testament, despite seeing God’s handiwork in creation, wrestled with whether this God was good. Job had been tested to the extreme, losing not only his wealth but his children. His friends, who suggested that he must have sinned to deserve his suffering, didn’t help. Exasperated, Job told them to “ask the animals, and they will teach you . . . . that my disaster has come from the hand of the Lord” (Job 12:7-9). Job believed God was in control— “Every living thing is in his hand” (v.10)—but because of his suffering was less sure that creation proved that God was fair.

Job’s attitude changed when he talked to God face to face. Over and over, God reminded Job of His power—that He was the one who laid the earth’s foundation (38:4) and shaped the earth “like clay pressed beneath a seal” (v.14). Although Job had believed God was the Creator, seeing the Creator changed him. Now he knew God, not merely as an idea, but as One worthy of his trust (42:5).

This story reminds me that when, because of the pain or injustice we’ve endured, we gaze at a stunning sunset with tears streaming down our faces, we can still trust in God. Though we suffer now, one day He’ll welcome us to a place of no more tears and no more crying (Revelation 21:4). As we wait for that wonderful day, we can find rest and strength in Him.

—Amy Boucher Pye

365-day plan: Genesis 1:1–2:3

The Bible brims with references to God the Creator’s influence on His creation. Read, for instance, Psalm 19:1. 
Whether life feels sunny or stormy, or somewhere in between, how do you sense God’s imprint on your life? How can you open your eyes and heart to this reality?